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How to Editing Images

SB Pro allows end-users to modify both regular images (using the  tag) and CSS background images. To edit a regular image, the end-user need to simply click on the image he or she wants to edit. This will open up the style editor panel, including a tab labeled “Image”. Under the “Image” tab, the end-user will see a button labeled “Open image library” which when clicked, opens up the image library modal. Here, the end-user can choose an image (either to from his/her own library or from the images provided by the administrator).

To edit a CSS background image, the end-user will need to click on the element of which he or she wants to change the background image. If a background image can be set for this element (please note this depends on how SB Pro has been configured), a style property labeled “background-image” will be available under the “Style” tab. Clicking within the corresponding input field will open up the image library modal in which the end-user can select an image.

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  • Editing Images
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