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26th Oct 2023

The Benefits of Hosting with cPanel: Why it's the Best Control Panel for Your Website

How is cPanel Beneficial for Your Website? Easy-to-Use Interface: The intuitive interface of cPanel is a highlight. It presents a graphical user interface that's straightforward, enabling website management without necessitating profound technical acumen. With cPanel, tasks like file uploads, email account creations, and more become a ...

25th Oct 2023

Transferring Domain Name Ownership

Why Change the Owner of a Domain Name with iWebHost? Various situations may necessitate a change in domain name ownership. Here are some typical circumstances: Change in Ownership: If a domain name is sold or passed to a new individual or entity, updating the ownership details becomes essential to accurately reflect the new owner. This ...

16th Oct 2023

Secure Your Online Presence with Premium Domain Names

Secure Your Online Presence with Premium Domain Names Welcome to our article where we discuss the importance of having a secure online presence. One key aspect of achieving this is through the use of premium domain names. Here at our company, we offer trusted domain name services in Australia that can enhance your digital identity and ...